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We are halfway through our Kickstarter campaign for Reality Not Included Vol. 2 and we have almost reached our goal! But we have big plans for this project and we would love to reach some of our stretch goals. So, we are asking for your help. Please reblog this post and spread the word as much as you can! 


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Hey everyone! I have launched my first Kickstarter! It’s the sequel to the comics anthology that I made my Soap comic for. My Troll Hunt comic is in this one! You can get both volumes through this campaign if you like.

The other artists in this volume are amazing. Seriously, you should check out the list of artists on the project page. Click on their names to see more examples of their amazing work. I’m really pleased with how the book turned out.

Also, I am kind of stoked about how the video and the page came out. I had to learn how to use Premiere for the video which was fun. It’s my first project and It’s not perfect but I think it all looks pretty good!

Please reblog if you can and help us spread the word about this amazing project! I feel very privileged to be such a big part of it.

*Edit* The earlybird tier is now sold out! We have added a new “digital duo” tier with which you can receive digital copies of both RNI 1 as well as RNI 2. Also, we are a staff pick! Thanks to all who have supported us so far! Let’s keep spreading the word so we can get this thing funded! 

I did this bunch of seemingly unrelated nonsense for spread in Stowaway Magazine back in 2012.

My favorites are the wrestling toes and the hungry ghost. I had a lot of fun drawing the fireball as well.

If I’d have been able to see how they were gonna lay it out beforehand i would have probably drawn the baby-jumping guy differently and left out the shadow on the headless chicken. But that’s life, am I right?